Special Services

We can build any model, airplane or ship that you may wish.

Airplanes with a minimal wing span 120 in. (3,000mm) or above, ships can be any size.

We offer a superb finish with all possible external details. We can produce a very accurate model. We are limited only by the availability of full scale counterpart.

If possible when placing a custom order please include all documentation, drawings, photos, or the locations where full scale documentation can be retrieved.

If a minimum of 4 to 5 models are ordered, no development or tooling costs will be charged, just the regular sale price.

We are happy to talk with you and surprise you with all our models and options.


NOTE: Any model deisplayed in our website can be made in a bigger scale upon request.



Send us photos or drawings with dimensions of full size, desired scale and quantities required.


Custom Made Model Examples:


Length: 70 in. (1,780 mm)

Scale: 1:25

Weight: 120 lbs. (55 Kgs.)

Price (FOB): $9,140.00

B-25 Mitchell

WIngspan: 200 in. (5,000 mm)

Length: 154 in. (3,917 mm)

Price (FOB): $15,000.00


Length: 70 in. (1,780 mm)

Price (FOB): $2,750.00